Purple Red Musk

Our Creation of Burberry's Burberry Her

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FAVORITE PERFUME! I have a few perfumes in my collection but this is the main one that pull compliments ❤️my mom bought this for me for Christmas and it was LOVE at first sniff! It makes sense that I love this because it has all my favorite notes


The sweet yet mature scent profile makes this fragrance perfect for someone who wants to feel both youthful and sophisticated.


I will say that I love this scent but it smells a bit to mature for me being 31. I will be suggesting to my mom though. It is like the perfect sweet scent for older woman. So much to love about this scent!!


This perfume is weird to me. Like the first time I sprayed it at the store- it smelled wonderful, but I was still suspicious as a lot of people say it smells like Cloud which I absolutely detest. So I go on ebay, and then I get a mini dabber bottle of this to sample. At first I get strawberries again, but then it turns into this horrible medical bandage type smell that reminds me of Cloud and somewhat of this new Victoria's Secret Bare which is gross as well. Sometimes though I still rarely get an occasional whiff of wonderful synthetic strawberry scent, but I would say 90-95% of the time I get this medical bandage smell that I don't like.


SUCH a pretty strawberry scent! I bought a sample and even though I’m more of a tropical and floral type of girly this is such a nice fragrance and is definitely giving “girl next door” vibes. The strawberry scent is strong with an under layer of light vanilla making it sweet but not nauseating. As of right now I only have a sample but I plan on getting a bigger size once I find a good scent to layer it with.

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