Ladan Leather

Our Creation of Bvlgari's Onekh

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Customer Reviews

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I'm a 54 yr old woman and I like fragrances with depth and dimension. This is my first "male" fragrance but I really don't mind that title for what I'm given here. I fell in love with this at first sniff. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS LAYERED UNDER BACCARAT ROUGE 540. They are a match made in heaven on my skin. I smell like nothing I've ever smelt before in my life. Big love on it's own but SOOOOOO perfect mixed with BR540


Leathery fragrance with some sweet spices like a cinnamon stick is what im getting mainly very elegant fragrance i love it Soft dark, a begginer dark fragrance, elegant leather coming from the labdanum and a sweet spice is what better describes the fragrance… not a cloying or gourmand sweetness but just to contrast it


For any Leather Lovers out there, you have to get your nose on this one. This is definitely in my Top 3 "Leathers" and I am so glad I smelled it.


This is a real beast when it comes to longevity. Lovely sweet leather and sandalwood--on the very far dry down smells really similar to the same line, Yasar, or Yaser (sorry can't remember the name).


The quality of the ingredients are obviously superb, and for the type of scent that it is, I think it has a perfect sillage of 4 or 5 feet and lasts for a good 6-8 hours before becoming more subtle, but still easily detectable for another 4 or 5 hours. All in all a great scent and although it's getting harder and harder to find, it's one I will be keeping in my collection for a long time.

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