Tangerine Tree

Our Creation of Dior's Miss Blooming Bouquet

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Style: Perfume
Size: 30 ML
Color: Default Bottle 30 ML

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Customer Reviews

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I think it's nice for a spring day. It made me think of a woman in her 30s and up wearing this on mother's day or easter sunday with a nice sundress on lol. It's a bit soapy but not super soapy to my nose. I love the floral notes on this one even though i'm not a giant fan of florals. The mandarin and rose stand out, those two notes are probably why I kinda like it. I'm not crazy about it though and i'll only use the sample vial I use but I doubt I'll buy a regular size. I'll use it for spring and summer till the sample is done.


A basic sweet floral perfume reminiscence of 90s women perfume. Smells very feminine. Went ahead and purchased it as i had a credit from Saks and i heard chatter about repackaging/reformulation. I got the old bottle.


Bright and fresh spring scent! I was expecting to hate this- I love it. I got the mini bottle, very cute. Has a secure top and stopper compared to my other mini bottles.


This is pretty…. But WAY overpriced…this doesn’t last at all. Armani sky is a good dupe and less expensive if you’er looking for a musky sweet rose.


This one of my favorite perfumes. I prefer this one to Miss Dior, as that one is more sweet and too sugary. This one is fresher and the notes of mandarin gives it a richer appeal. Guaranteed to get you compliments. Really feminine yet chic.

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