Silver Bark

Our Creation of Dior's Bois d'Argent

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Customer Reviews

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Although Iike to switch fragrances ,this has been my signiture scent for about a year. To me this is a skin scent you can grab everyday without thinking too much, works for all seasons ,occasions, however you are dressed. This is my most complemented frangrance, and I am fininsh my second bottle. The only downside to me is the price


This is a powdery woody scent with an almost sweet hay note, that mixed with the leather reminds me of a stables. It gets sweeter as time goes on and becomes a little cloying.


Bois d'Argent is a straightforward creamy resinous Myrrh scent and smells absolutely divine: sweet, sensual, luscious, elegant, alluring, smooth, buttery, and gourmand in many ways. The rest of the notes listed are so well blended that they only add more character to the Myrrh rather than confusing the nose with many olfactive stages. For me personally is a masterpiece, one of the best perfumes in my collection. 4 seasons, unisex. Similar to Annick Goutal Myrrhe Ardente.


Not my favourite from Dior, it's just a light creamy fragrance that sits close to the skin. Happy I sampled, not full bottle worthy for me.


Nice perfume but only nice.. I’m for more multidimensional scents.. it’s lovely but nonetheless extraordinary.. Starts with a sweet and resinous taste, with a slight tone from juniper and cipress a little medicinal too.. then the iris and the powdery scent comes out and grow up loud..after one hour or so the perfume is a beautiful creamy powdery scent like some baby wipes on the gourmand side I’ll tell with the leather that smoothly emerges.. but after 3/4 hours is gone.. I don’t get nothing even from my skin nor from my sweater..

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