Liberated Soul

Our Creation of Frederic Malle's Portrait Of A Lady

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Style: Perfume
Size: 30 ML
Color: Default Bottle 30 ML

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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews

POAL is a lovely fragrance but am I the only male who thinks it’s a bit too feminine? I’m all for Rose and Unisex fragrances and have quite a few but I bought this, tried it and immediately passed it to across to my, very happy, wife!!


Deep, dense, and rich rose with spices and patchouli. There isn’t much more to say about it that hasn’t been said. Not everything lives up to its hype, but it sure is lovely when something does.


Dramatic, boudoir rose. It's beautiful but for me it's like a heavy evening gown and the trick is to choose one that, despite its grandeur, will not wear you instead of you wearing it. And so is the case with this fragrance ... It's a creation for the right person or for the right moment. A woman with a certain charisma and personality. More than on myself, just out of curiosity, I would like to smell it on another person who fits this gown beautifully and most importantly can tame this beast.


Simply one of the most perfect perfumes of all time. Elegant, long lasting, gorgeous, and dense. This is my go-to “dressy” scent. I am a man and get compliments on this every time I wear it. 10/10 all around.


To me this isn't a loud perfume. It's big, but it doesn't shout. It's deep and warm and instead of suffocating a room, it just makes that room bigger, warmer and darker.

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