Our Creation of Gucci's Flora

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Size: 30 ML
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Customer Reviews

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I get fruity florals with orange candy. It's pretty and feminine. It isn't girly, it's for a grown woman. Not mature, just sophisticated. Good longevity and projection.


I feel so sexy every time I use this perfume <3


Many notes I love: osmanthus, peony, sandalwood, rose, orangey notes. I got to test it out a couple of times and was just about buy it and then poof, gone. This felt like a warm, truly feminine and happy floral, something I could have worn even in the Finnish winter and even all year round. I really like the bottle, too.


when i tell you i broke down when this was off the market. my mother owned this and i always took it off her because of its warmth. the beautiful peony trail always left my skin and i felt so beautiful every time. lasted for ages and is the perfect comfort scent

axel barayandema

You guys really had me buying perfumes hahaha i am on YouTube i see your ads scrolling on tik tok you also there ,Instagram same i have no choice but to buy from you i bought a perfume for my aunt Gucci flora 55ml to try and was very pleased by the packaging very nice but one thing can you increase the dosage of concentration ? Gucci flora was 25 percent concentration she want it more potent is it possible to ramp it up to 30 or 28 percent but overall i like your website i ran an e-commerce site myself so i know the in and out of online business on e-commerce site your checkout page is quite good and fast and also your ad strategies are very good

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