Oh Honey

Our Creation of Kilian's Love Dont be Shy

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Style: Perfume
Size: 30 ML
Color: Default Bottle 30 ML

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

It definitely has the LDBS dna but there's a prominent rose note. The rose isn't jammy, it's a fresh and dewy rose. It's also more airy, whereas the OG is denser, thicker and sweeter. It's really beautiful! I wear the extreme more in the spring/summer and the original in the fall/winter. I also love to layer them.


It's more feminine and floral than my usual darker, warm, spicy, gourmand scents I go for.


This fragrance is showing out on me! I’ve been hesitant to purchase due to the performance reviews but W-O-W. I’m absolutely pleased with the sillage on this, and the smell is to die for if you’re a marshmallow/orange fan.


I purchased this full price from Killian site! It’s too strong and too sweet


Mmm this is so so good! Yummy marshmallow kind of smells like rose flavored Turkish delights with the powdered sugar on top. I love this! It was cold today here and this fragrance just smelled so amazing! I think it would be good in warmer weather as well. This lasted all day on me and my clothes. I love this scent it’s more beast mode than the original. It smells sexy and feminine. Very powdery, roses, marshmallows, candy. Sweet and sexy! I love it!

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