Fire Fate

Our Creation of Lancome's Oud Bouquet

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Style: Perfume
Size: 30 ML
Color: Default Bottle 30 ML

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
benedict ejike
Long Lasting

I've never smelled this on anyone else so it might be different in the air, but on me it's a bit like incense scented rubbing alcohol that gradually becomes less astringent. Anyone else? I have a 1 ml decant so I was only able to dab it on in a few places.


I'm not sure if I received an expired sample, but this was my first scrubber. Sharp and pungent, it easily filled my living room. And would not quit. It survived two different soaps on my skin and clung like a suffocating hug. This may be elegant and lovely on someone else, but on me it was overwhelming.

Holly Ray
Long Lasting

Sweet, rich, smoky and sexy. A thick, oily, & moderately creamy vanilla praline base, dripping with a rose syrup surrounded by smoky incense. This is a beast. I usually spray about half an hour before leaving the house. I love to wear this to formal December events. A must have.

Ali Mansoor

When I say this is intoxicating I mean it. This will knock you out and have you dreaming you’re swimming in sweet rosy oud... all while your friends panic to find a new DD because you are lost in Oud Bouquet Delirium. This stuff is goooooooooood, and stronggggg and unapologetic. I don’t drink, but if this juice was actually ingestible my friends would probably need a chaser on standby

Veronica F
Long Lasting

It was really good same as original and completely captured the experience I had with this. So glad I tested it first. Definitely not a blind buy.

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