Addictive Lily

Our Creation of Nasomatto's Narcotic Venus

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Customer Reviews

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LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did I mention... LOVE? Absolutely fresh and deeply wearable jasmine-tuberose scent with just a hint of spice in the background that's exquisite for spring into summer. In the later phases of the dry down, a hint of an animalic aspect comes out, but not in an aggressive fashion. It just seems to blend so nicely with my own skin and becomes, honestly, quite sensual.


Delicious. Delicate. and Gorgeous! Such a beautifully crafted scent. Of course, I am a huge fan of white floral I may be a bit biased, just love the strong lean into the tuberose in a very natural way, a gentle jasmine and balanced by a musky wood undertone. LOVE!


زهور بيضاء منعشة رائعة بالكاد مع أي حلاوة مضافة ملحوظة. الوجه الحيواني ليس قويًا جدًا ولكنه يتربص بشكل محسوس في القاعدة. أنا شخصياً أفضل lys 41.


Interesting one. Delicate, veeery flora and fresh. Sweetness is very subtle, almost not detectable. This is the most prominent tuberose I ever smelled, which now gives me a good example of how true tuberose smells like.


It's so simple yet I never smelled anything like this before and I smelled these notes in another perfumes before a million times. This is an outstanding perfume that completely hypnotised me and I don't want to wear anything since I got a decant. Full bottle worthy no question. Performance: 10/10 Scent: 10/10 Longevity: 10/10 Truly out of this world.

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