Our Creation of Spirit of Dubai's Maydan

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Customer Reviews

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Leather, leather, and more leather... and I love it! I just got my first bottle of Meydan and I'm really pleased with it. Longevity is amazing, the day it arrived I sprayed my right arm at noon, and the next day, when I woke up, it still smelled (faintly) of Meydan... 18 h! Sillage is big in the beginning.


One of the best, if not the best leather fragrance out there. I'll only pick African leather over this but that's because I like the Cardamom focus scent on that one, but if you are looking for a leather that is made to smell like leather then look no further. The quality of the materials used in this is definitely top-notch. Love it.


This is so incredibly loud and obnoxious. Quite the opposite of what I’m attracted to - and I should have known, but purchased anyway.


This is an amazing oriental leather; very masculine, very strong, very elegant, very sophisticated. Quite unique. Leather is present all the time, but as time goes by, the rest of the notes make their presence known and the "mood" of Meydan changes according to the accompanying notes, first with the saffron, cardamom, grapefruit, etc, and then with the tobacco, labdanum and finally the base notes. This is not linear (although as I said, the leather note is always there).


Absolutely agree! This leather fragrance is unparalleled in its authenticity and quality. The Cardamom note in African leather adds a unique twist, but this one is a classic leather scent that's hard to beat."

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