Peach Sense

Our Creation of TF's Bitter Peach

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Omg. I LOVE THIS. This is one that I don't hear much talk about, at least where I live and the reviewers on YT that I watch. What I do know about it is only what I've read here and I know it has pretty polarizing opinions. Seems like people on Fragrantica either love or hate this. I love a good Peach note.


Gorgeous spicy and semi-sweet, boozy peach in the opening, and leathery drydown at the end. Quite different from "musky" and heavy "candied" peaches, like the one by Tiziana Terenzi "Draco". This peach is indeed bitter and soft at the same time, universal, robust and increasingly sexy. I absolutely adore this perfume and it quickly became my most favorite peach-based scent. If you ever tried Diptyque Kimonanthe (apricot-based), this perfume is similar to it in drydown, but unlike Kimonanthe it's not tooth-rotting sugary sweet. This Tom Ford's peach is way more versatile, easier to wear, less offensive and less polarizing.


Initial review: Sweet, unisex, high quality. Reminds me of peach rings. Smells so good I could eat it. Definitely wouldn't buy this at retail price but I think it's a better value at retail than Creed. Leans feminine because it's so sweet but as a 22 year old guy I think I can pull this off. I like it more than Lost Cherry which smelled a bit makeupy.


Patchouli Bomb with slightly sweet underlying accords. The peach note isn't the main attraction. It didn't excite me at all & I wish it were more boozy. Unfortunately, I didn't get the hype... not interested in this fragrance or it's dupes.


I love it, it projects well on me and lasts on my skin for over 6 hours. On my skin, it smells like a fuzzy juicy peach, like the ones my mum used to bring from China. I find that the patchouli in this one not as dirty as that in Rose Prick and Black Orchid.

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