Sweet Caramel Lips

Our Creation of Xerjoff's Gran Ballo

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Style: Perfume
Size: 30 ML
Color: Default Bottle 30 ML
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Customer Reviews

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This fragrance is stunning! It's a beautiful blend of sweet, smooth jasmine and gardenia floral notes. The slight creaminess adds an extra touch of luxury.


Really pretty, sweet, smooth Jasmine and Gardenia floral. Slightly creamy


Likeable and nice. I could imagine for example a father getting this as a present for her teenage daughter. A very pretty scent. I absolutely love the first whiff (I think its the honeysuckle) but that evaporates quickly, leaving you with a flowery sweet gourmand. You can blind buy it, I doubt any young woman would hate on it. Although it will not be my favorite (due to its fast evaporation time, higher price tag, and being a bit non descript), I still can appreciate it.

nikki bella

This is a beautiful scent! It's got honeysuckle, vanilla and caramel in it which adds a lot of flavour to it. However, I do have to say that the longevity and projection with this fragrance are not the best. It lasts on my skin for about 5 hours then starts to fade away and turn into a skin scent. All in all, a classic and feminine fragrance for all ladies!


Smells like a sophisticated more boujee type of Viva La Juicy. Really sweet, really bright and youthful. But there are so many perfumes with this same profile, I don't think you really need to have them all. It's nice but that's all there is.

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