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Our Creation of YSL's Black Opium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews

I gave this to my mom after 4 months because i barely used it. When i received a tester of this it was so addictive and beautiful but when i got the full bottle there was something strongly bothering me. Its way too mature for me. For me this fragrance is 40+ i dont know why


a close friend wears this as her signature fragrance and so there is definitely an element of nostalgia and comfort that can come with the warmer notes black opium offers. this scent feels very youthful and playful to me,


عرفت افتراء الإنترنت على Black Opium قبل أن أعرف Black Opium. كنت مشروطة كي لا يعجبني. هل سيكون من المدهش ، إذن ، معرفة أنه عندما أخذت عينات منها وقعت في الحب؟ أعتقد أنه أحد أفضل العطور في السوق ، ومن المؤسف أنه تلقى الكثير من الكراهية. يشبه الأمر نوعًا ما عندما يأتي فيلم بيتهوفن الخامس على محطة الراديو الكلاسيكية ومدرسة الموسيقى التي جعلتك تتفوق على الموسيقى الكلاسيكية وتبدأ في البداية "لا تهتم بهذا مرة أخرى" ... ولكن بعد ذلك يصل إلى الموضوع الثاني ... لا أستطيع الحصول على ما يكفي ...


I love this fragrance. It's one of those perfumes that has mass-appeal. Always get asked what I'm wearing whenever its this scent. Perfect for parties, a chill night in, fancy or casual setting. The vanilla and coffee dry down is great paired with the white florals. One of my all time favorite fragrances.


Black Opium is delicious and nicely blended. There’s nothing offensive to it, on the contrary, it’s hyper addictive like your favorite desert. It’s a gourmand smell and reminds of a freshly baked pear cake, a hint of black coffee with vanilla syrup, brown sugar and a generous dose of cream. The end result is the smoothest, most feminine fragrance I smelled in a long while, - a warm embrace ! It’s a fragrance I’d wear on date night or if you meet with your friends for coffee, movie night & chilling at home.

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